Here’s what to know and do for your first time wearing high heels

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A lot of women have problems with high heels because they don’t follow some simple tips. This can be worsen if you’re about to wear heels for the first time.

Believe or not, a lot of women start wearing heels well after their 20s. Most of them keep to heels just for special occasions.

So, if you want to continue to wear high heels and/or are about to wear them for the first time, there are some simple things you should know. And if you try do follow them, you shouldn’t have much problems with your high heels.

First make sure you’ve picked the right pair of shoes. It’s tempting to go sky high, but that’s a sure way to invite problems. So, make sure you can handle the heels. Try them on, see if the angle is right for you.

Also, make note of how the shoes fit. They should be snug, but not tight. Know your size. The fit should be nice all around the foot without loose parts. If you feel discomfort or some part is too tight, don’t rely on the myth that it will become looser as you wear them. That varies a lot on the type of fabric the shoes are made out of. Here’s how to break in high heels.

You can also add some inside cushions or gel inserts. This will make the shoes even more comfortable.

Also, learn the secrets of supermodels. They spend a lot of time in high heels and know how to handle them.

And of course, know the basics on how to walk in high heels gracefully. It will now only make you look good. Walking properly in high heels, ensures better posture and less pain. Take frequent breaks, too.

Finally, when you’re home, make sure you take good care of your feet. A nice bath, some massage, relaxation. Take good care of your feet. All of this will make you feel like a million bucks and you will start your relationship with high heels on the right foot.

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