Here’s what women think when they wear high heels

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Here's what women think when they wear high heels
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Women love their high heels. No surprise there. But what do they think when they wear heels? Well, that depends. But if you have a sense of humor and love a bit of self irony, then you should check these 6 thoughts that go through their minds when they wear high heels.

They are compiled by Bustle and are quite funny… and somewhat really close to home. Any woman that has worn high heels has had similar thoughts.

The 6 thoughts women have when they wear high heels

1. “I look mighty fine on high heels” – the moment you put your favorite heels on and take a look at yourself in the miror and you see what high heels are all about. You do look splendid. Your legs are longer, your whole figure is more femnine and sexy.

2. “I should wear heels all the time” – this is a natural progression from the first thought. You see how good you look and how good you feel as a result. So naturally you think you should be on high heels all the time. Especially if your feet can handle it. If they can’t… well then it’s time for some exercises.

3. “I could do some real damage with my heels” – as delicate and feminine they look, high heels can be quite painful not only for the one who wears them. If you have ever accidentaly (or not) stepped with your heels on the foot of somebody else, you’ve seen in how much pain they are. So naturally one would think that if you kick someone or poke them with your heels, you would do some real damage. And you probably will.

4. “Why, why, why” – after a while though the extasy of looking good in high heels and causing damage to others starts to wear off and you start to feel the struggle. Especially if you can’t walk properly or gracefully in high heels which is very important not only to look good but to keep your feet in shape as well. Also you must know how to deal with obstacles and bad weather. This will make you second guessing your decision to wear high heels much rarer.

5. “You can do it”- if you haven’t followed the above advices though, you probably want to take your high heels off and continue walking bearfoot. Now that may look sexy in the movies, in real life it’s not so good. So you start to self motivate that you can handle a few more hours. This is why you should take breakes often.

6. “I can’t wait…. to take you off” – after a long day in high heels, most women can’t wait to give their feet a well-deserved break. But you can do some extra things to make that wish not so painful.

And the beauty of it all? When you look at your lovely high heels waiting for you, you want to do it all over again. And the same thoughts return again and again. You can’t help it. You simply love high heels for many good reasons.

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