Here’s why your body hurts while you wear high heels

Here's why your body hurts while you wear high heelsThe Cannes Film Festival Flatgate scandal about wearing high heels continues with more people saying they are in pain. So why your body hurts from heels?

We will get to that. First a couple of words why we are on this topic for a third straight day. More and more people are saying their bodies hurt when they wear high heels. TV host Karl Stefanovic for example decided to wear high heels in the studio to feel what is is like.

“Balance is a problem, and the back of my Achilles hurt, my lower back hurts, but God I look good,” Karl added on Today. If you could see the way he walked in the heels, it is a wonder that was the only things that were hurting.

We have said time and time again – your posture and gait are the secret to wearing high heels comfortably. Even some men are confirming that. Then comes the picking of the right size of shoe.

If you make any compromise with your walk, posture and fit of the high heels, you are going to pay for it. It is going to hurt. A lot. But the high heels aren’t to blame for that.

But will Flatgate put the end of high heels? Are high heels on their way down from being the shoes women all over the world obsess about? Not quite.

Flatgate is more of a PR stunt for celebrities now. They all rush to the cameras saying how bad heels are… while wearing them and showing them off. It is a topic that will have its 15 minutes of fame and then it will be forgotten when something else arises.

But it did raise some valid points. The most important one being people should be allowed to wear whatever type of shoes they want and no one should be on their case telling them that they are wrong.

We are also hoping that Flatgate will point more women to the fact that they indeed should pay more attention and effort to the footwear they choose and will get more informed on how to walk properly which will have tremendeous results for them.

So how is Flatgate resulting in the real life? Well look around when you go out. Are women in high heels now a rare sight? Quite the opposite. Unless you are on the beach (lucky you), in the mountains or in the gym, chances are you will see quite a few women in high heels.

For many of them the shoes are a statement and a passion. “Give a woman a great pair of heels and she can conquer the world,” one state agency leader told FitsNews. “I am still going to wear my heels!” a female state lawmaker said.

“That study was paid for by women who can’t hack it,” an influential female lobbyist told the edition, referring to the medical evidence at issue. Well, there are actual risks involved, if you are not taking good care. And all shoes have risks, anyway.

This reminds us on why successful women wear high heels. They know what they want and how to get it.

Of course not so pro-high-heels publications will be showing you people who hate heels. Bottom line is that this is a specific issue that has different results on each and every person. This is why it is wrong to generalize that all high heels are good or bad. This is why you should have the freedom to wear whatever you want and you should have the freedom of not to be put down or near insulted if you do happen to love to wear sky high heels.

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