High heel celebrities of the week – 6 stunning celebs in leather

No, there’s no mistake. We haven’t mixed up two features of ours just because. This week we actually have 6 stunning celebrities in leather and high heels.

A while back we went over how celebrities are overdoing leather. After that they seemingly took a small break for a bit. But now, the daring and stunning leather outfits are back in full force. We’re happy about that, although our original opinion still stands. So much exposure might go wrong for leather in the long run. For now though we should be happy about it, we guess.

And so, this week we have several high heel celebrities of the week. It’s the first time we have more than two or three winners in one week. Wait, no. It’s the second time. Some time ago we gave the prize to everyone. Does this mean that our criteria need tightening up or that just celebrities are upping their fashion game more and more?

We choose to think it’s the latter, because after three years of GlamorousHeels.com we too have learned a lot. So, enough talk. Let’s get on with the newest high heel celebrities of the week. In chronological order.

We begin with the stunning Hailee Steinfeld. She was at the Variety Hitmakers Awards at the very end of the previous week. Since it was after the previous high heel celebrity of the week was posted, she qualifies for this week. And she sure deserves so.

Hailee was absolutely stunning in a an elegant asymmetric layered leather dress. The little black dress design was completed with several layers on one side, a classic tight fit on the other and asymmetric shoulders.

Hailee also added proper footwear to match the dress. She rocked a pair of elegant sky high black high heels.

Next up is Selena Gomez at the 2017 American Music Awards. We already featured her, but she was so stunning, she needs to be in the winners of the week, too.

Selena rocked a stunning fitted black leather dress with sleeves and a very high hemline. She teamed the biker-style dress with black studded high heels and an elegant clutch bag.

Alanna Arrington was at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show after party in Shanghai. Alanna was channeling her most daring and provocative side for this event.

She was wearing a skin tight black latex dress with a high collar and long sleeves. The hemline though was quite short. Even so, most of Alanna still remained hidden thanks to her footwear. She was rocking a pair of classing daring black patent thigh high boots.

Also at that same event was Kelly Gale. She also opted for leather, but in a slightly different style. Kelly opted for an elegant and slightly provocative black leather dress.

It featured a deep V-neck with a lace-up style. The side of the dress had elastic fabric cut-ins while the back was closed and full leather. She teamed the dress with a pair of strapped and studded high heels to complete her strong look.

Next up is Jessica Goicoechea. She was at the Calzedonia 25th Anniversary party in Madrid, Spain. Jessica looked quite stunning in a daring little black leather dress.

Jessica also went for the now seemingly top trend – asymmetrical style. Her dress featured an elegant collar and a long sleeve on wine side and was shoulder-less and with a cup on the other side. It also had a dangerously high hemline. To add further daring points, Jessica opted for a pair of black peep-toe platform high heels.

And last, but not least, we have one of our often winners – Olivia Culpo. She was at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade in New York and looked as stunning and as elegant as ever.

Olivia has had a great year fashion-wise. Her latest outfit showed us this one again. Olivia showed us how to properly layer an outfit.

She rocked an elegant and fitted red turtleneck which she teamed with elegant high-waist red leather pants. On top of that she rocked a slightly furry red leather coat. It wasn’t enough to keep her warm though, so Olivia completed the look with an elegant white coat on top.

And she also rocked a pair of elegant white ankle booties to match the coat. Oh, and red leather gloves. A lot of items for sure, but as you can clearly see, the end result is beautiful, elegant and overall stunning.

So, that’s our six stunning celebrities in leather who win the high heel celebrity of the week. It’s been a long one, but it was worth it all the way. Stay tuned for more from the world of fashion, celebrities and glamorous high heels!

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