High heel celebrities of the week – Adriana Lima and Gal Gadot

This time we once again have two high heel celebrities of the week. And they are quite special – Adriana Lima and Gal Gadot in stunning evening gowns.

Both celebs were at the opposite ends of the US during the week for some special events. And both of them were at their best when it comes to fashion and elegant outfits and styles.

Long elegant evening dresses, sky high elegant high heels, long flowing hairstyles, accenting makeup. That’s the gist of the latest high heel celebrities of the week.

But it gets even better when we get into the details. This is definitely a time when we have two stunning celebs in stunning outfits and shoes. Going chronologically, Adriana Lima is first.

Adriana was at the Creatures of the Night Late-Night Soiree in Miami earlier in the week. She wowed us in a long elegant white dress. It was a dress that had everything going.

The dress featured an asymmetrical shoulder line, a long fit along the body and a dangerously high split over the right leg. It was also a backless style dress and had a long train on the floor behind it. Basically it’s a by-the-book evening dress which can and will make you look stunning. Especially when you’re Adriana Lima.

She teamed the elegant, but brave, dress with a pair of equally elegant high heels. The shoes had golden straps around the ankles and toes. They also had thin heels at the back and no platforms.

Maybe our only nit-pick is that Adriana was rocking a diamond-silver wide bracelet which you could say it was clashing with the gold of the heels, but that’s pushing it, really. We did love her long flowing hair and attractive and elegant makeup. Adriana rocked eyeliner with a dash of eyeshadows and her favorite very, very red lipstick. Great stuff by Adriana, as always.

A couple of days later we had the pleasure of seeing Gal Gadot at the GQ Men of the Year Awards in Los Angeles. She was easily the most elegant and stylish at the event, we think.

Gal usually prefers a more casual style, but she can be stunningly elegant and make it seem effortless. It was the exact case at the GQ Awards, as well.

Gal rocked an elegant red dress with a very deep and wide V-neck. The dress was actually an interesting two-piece style. The main part of it was a very, very short piece with the top reaching to just at the top of the legs.

The second part of the dress then was a hug-me style which layered on top and was held in place seemingly with a red belt and bow. This piece was long, to just above the ankles and had a split at the front, showing off Gal’s legs.

She completed the elegant look with a pair of Louboutin black patent high heels. They had a thin elegant strap going around the foot from the toes to the heel. The shoes’ heels were thin and high, as per the tradition of Louboutin.

Gal completed her look by also leaving her hair long and loose. She though stuck to her preferred style of an almost no-makeup look. Gadot rocked a dash of eyeliner and some lip-gloss to finish her beautiful and elegant stuff. Nicely done!

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