High heel celebrities of the week – Angelina Jolie and Olivia Culpo

Another week, more stunning celebrities in high heels. This time we have two winners – Angelina Jolie and Olivia Culpo. Jolie is upping her fashion game lately while Olivia continues to impress as always.

Both celebs rocked quite different styles during the week. Angelina was elegant and stylish, while Olivia rocked an elegant street style outfit.

Jolie was in Paris and dressed accordingly with the city’s famous fashion DNA. Angelina was very elegant in a grey-ish dress with a tight fit and elegant peplum at the waist.

The dress reached to Jolie’s calves and shaped her silhouette quite nicely. Angelina also threw an oversized grey jacket on top to add to the elegant and comfortable look.

Finally, it was time for the footwear. Jolie was rocking a pair or nude colored pumps which she paired with a matching purse. The shoes were an all-time classic, featuring pointed toes and thin, high heels.

Angelina then completed her look by keeping her hair long and loose, and styled elegantly at her shoulders. Jolie opted for heavier, accenting makeup with eyeliner and red lipstick. She looked very, very good.

Olivia Culpo meanwhile was in the West Village. She impressed with a very elegant and glamorous street style outfit.

This time it was all about the layers. Olivia layered several items on top of each other to keep herself warm, but also to achieve the stylish look.

Culpo was wearing a Nina Ricci jeans coat which she teamed with a Philosophy white lace top. Olivia also rocked a pair of Miaou jeans with Francesco Russo shoe.

The heels were elegant with one strap going from the toes to the heel around the foot. They also featured pointed toes and thin high heels as we are used to see from Olivia now.

She added several accessories like a chain at the front of her jeans and a small purse. Olivia kept her hair loose and styled in curls. She rocked heavier, accenting makeup but in neutral colors. Still, she looked very stylish and elegant. This is why she once again is making the high heel celebrity of the week spot and continues the close rac with Bella Hadid who is another regular winner.

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