High heel celebrities of the week – Barbara Palvin and Stacy Ferguson

It’s a busy week for fashion because of the 2017 Cannes Film Festival. But there are other events, too. And our newest high heel celebrities are proof.

Well, for the most part. This week’s winners are Barbara Palvin and Stacy Ferguson. Barbara wins for one of her outfits in Cannes, but not during the Festival events.

And Stacy wins for being as stunning as ever in downtown LA. Two stunning celebs deserving to win. So, they both win this week!

And they were both spotted on the same day, too. First up Barbara Palvin. She was at a seaside club in Cannes enjoying the great weather there on Wednesday.

Barbara opted for a stylish little black dress with white side panels. The dress was tightly fitted and very short which drew attention to her long legs.

Barbara opted for a pair of elegant, nude colored strapped high heels. They were well matched to her skin tone and were almost invisible in the sun.

Barbara was in an especially good mood. She opted for a no-makeup style and styled her hair loose. A great look for being out and about and also for events.

Stacy Ferguson on the other hand was a bit more provocative. She was heading to film a new video in LA and opted for heavier makeup and a daring office style.

Her outfit featured a tight fitted black shirt tucked into a black pvc skirt. The skirt featured a high waist, tight fit and a short hemline.

To add even more daringness to her look, Stacy opted for a pair of black, strapped high heels. They featured very high and very thin heels. They were for sure a challenge, but she managed it with no problems. Naturally, this outfit gathered quite the attention, but Stacy was more than ready for it.

And finally, a bonus mention – Marion Cotillard for her stunning dress in Cannes. Imagine trying to navigate this dress. What a challenge!

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