High heel celebrities of the week – Hailee Steinfeld and Emma Roberts

Celebrities do love leather, that’s for sure. And they get better and better wearing it with stunning results. As Hailee Steinfeld and Emma Roberts show us.

Both Hailee and Emma opted for stunning leather outfits which they teamed with worthy high heels. Hence, both of them are our latest high heel celebrities of the week!

Hailee was at the Prive Revaus launch event in LA. She opted for an impressive outfit featuring a brown leather biker jacket and a matching leather skirt.

The skirt was short with wrap-around design and two layers. Hailee also added a white shirt which she tucked into the skirt.

Thus most of her legs were on display. She added even more attention to them by opting for a pair of shiny golden high heels.

They were with pointy toes and classic pump design. The heels completed Hailee’s outfit. She added further daringness by opting for darker, accenting makeup and keeping her hair in a high bun. A great look for her, for sure.

Emma Roberts on the other hand was out and about in Toronto. She opted for a simpler, but equally stunning and effective outfit.

Emma rocked a fitted black leather coat. It reached to just below her knees and had a belt keeping it closed. She also added a classic top hat to her look.

A pair of elegant black high heels completed her mystic, but classic and elegant look. Emma opted for a small pink purse to add some girly-ness to her look and also some color different than black.

It’s certainly a stunning look for her. She completed it by keeping her hair loose and adding only a dash of accenting makeup.

More than enough to join Hailee as a high heel celebrity of the week.

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