High heel celebrities of the week – Elyse Knowles

Stylish out and about and stylish in the evening. Two of the fashion staples and the best ways to impress. This is what both Elyse Knowles did and are our new high heel celebrities of the week.

Elyse was at the Women of Style Awards at Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney. This is also known as the Instyle Awards.

She was very stylish and memorable in her outfit and overall look. Elyse rocked a classic A-lined long patent leather dress.

It was a classic shoulder-less dress with a corset-like top and a flared long skirt. And that was it, really. Nothing else in terms of clothes or jewels. Only a small black clutch bag as a final touch.

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Elyse wanted all of the attention to go to the dress. So, she chose footwear to accomplish that. She rocked a pair of transparent high heels.

Yes, fully transparent, even the actual heels. Only the soles weren’t transparent, but were instead in a nude color.

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The end result is that Elyse looked like she was flowing in the air. The long dress also helped for that effect by the way it swayed as Elyse walked.

She wanted to add some extra provocativeness for her stylish look. So, she kept her hair in a tight bun and opted for heavy dark eyeliner and eyeshadows. This accented her eyes and added to her confident and daring look. And it also easily cemented her as our new high heel celebrity of the week.

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