High heel celebrities of the week – Jessica Alba and Kendall Jenner

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High heel celebrities of the week - Jessica Alba and Kendall JennerYes, that is right! We have two high heel celebrities of the week this time! We’ve picked Jessica Alba and Kendall Jenner for all the right reasons.

The two stars wowed this past week when they appeared for their respective events. Jessica Alba was in New York and wen to the Target Event in Chelsea.

She rocked a body hugging skirt that was with floral prints and reaching to her calves. She also had a small top with horizontal stripes. To add some extra punch to the overall stylish but casual outfit, Jessica had opted for a short leather biker jacket and a pair of stunning shiny silver stilettos.

Jessica Alba in high heels


Actually her shoes were so shiny, they seemed like chromed. They weren’t of course, but from some angles you could see your reflection in them, so they were very shiny indeed. Jessica wore her hair loose and looked great.

Jessica Alba in silver high heels


Jessica Alba in sky high heels

Kendall Jenner on the other hand had opted for a full leather outfit for her appearance at the Tribal Spirit by Mango photocall in Barcelona. Kendall rockedĀ  a fitted leather crop top and a short, fringe leather skirt.

Kendall Jenner in high heels

Finishing her outfit was a pair of strappy high heels that were so thin, we are sure walking in them would be a big challenge for the inexperienced. But Kendall has a lot of experience handling the most daring of high heels, so naturally she rocked the event with ease.

Kendall Jenner in high heels

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