High heel celebrities of the week – Karlie Kloss, Adriana Lima and Olivia Culpo

ell, it was one of those weeks. Filled with stunning celebrities in impressive outfits and high heels. Somehow we managed to restrain ourselves and we picked “only” three high heel celebrities of the week.

Mind you, they were at least 10 at first glance. Then we narrowed it down to 6. And then we picked three of them.

And here they are. Karlie Kloss, Adriana Lima and Olivia Culpo. One of them landed with more than one outfit. Olivia on the other hand didn’t need more than one outfit as she wowed us with little effort once again.

For example, we loved Karlie Kloss and her business look in West Hollywood. Karlie was there for a photoshoot and looked stunningly impressive.

Normally business suits aren’t that eye-catching. Not when Karlie Kloss is the one who rocks them. For the first part of the photoshoot, Karlie rocked a classic grey pinstriped business suit.

She teamed it with a pair of elegant angle strapped high heels. And they were some quite high and very thin heels.

Karlie kept the same heels for the second part of the photoshoot. She changed into a dark red suede suit though. She also kept her hair long but opted for heavier makeup. Very, very impressive indeed.

Meanwhile, Adriana Lima was in Berlin. She was there for the Maybelline Urban Catwalk during the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

Adriana rocked an elegant and daring little black dress. She teamed it with a pair of mesh high heeled booties.

They were quite high, but of course, were no problem for Adriana. Lima rocked her hair in a ponytail and opted for heavier, accented makeup, but done with style for quite the stunning results.

Finally, Olivia Culpo. She was out and about in LA and wowed us with one of her simplest, yet most stunning looks ever.

Olivia was a close second for high heel celebrity of the year here, but in the end Bella Hadid won it. If she keeps this pace though, Olivia would be quite difficult to beat this year.

We’ve always said we love simplistic, yet, powerful outfits. Olivia’s choice was just that. She rocked an elegant black blazer with a leather belt with a golden buckle. That’s it.

It was a short blazer, showing off most of her toned legs. Olivia continued the black and gold motive with golden earrings and a black leather purse with a golden chain strap.

Finally, the footwear. It was a pair of elegant golden pumps. They had the classic style with pointed toes and thin high heels. Simple, yet very effective.

Olivia completed her look by keeping her hair loose and straightened. She rocked some accenting makeup with eyeliner, eyeshadows and matte lipstick. Simple, but a look we (and you) will remember for some time. Great job by Olivia!

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