High heel celebrities of the week – Karlie Kloss, Sofia Vergara, Halle Berry

After a pretty boring few weeks, it seems that celebrities are back under the spotlight in a huge way. So, we have three high heel celebs of the week!

Yes, three and we actually had to narrow it down from about 10. This week we were spoiled for choice.

The winners are: Karlie Kloss, Sofia Vergara and Halle Berry. But we were also impressed with the outfits and high heels (including boots) from Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Hailee Baldwin, Taylor Swift, Bella Thorne and many more.

Still, we can’t feature them all. Maybe you will see them here soon, though, so stay tuned. Now, back to our high heel celebrities of the week. What’s more, all three of them win for the outfits and shoed they wore in the same day.

Still, we give the first place to Karlie Kloss. She’s been on quite the roll lately, seemingly making up for lost time. This week she also celebrated her 25th birthday, so she was at her best fashion game.

And actually, Karlie wins for two outfits in the same day. She went to the Hanes X Karla party in West Hollywood and looked incredible.

Karlie rocked a long purple leather skirt with two high slits on either side. Thus her entire legs were visible from the sides. The skirt had a high waist and was keeping her tucked classic white T-shirt.

Karlie added some extra elegance to her bold look with a pair of nude triple-strapped high heels. She kept her hair in a ponytail and opted for accenting makeup.

Then it was time for her birthday party. It was at the Delilah club in West Hollywood. For there Karlie kept the same shoes, hairstyle and makeup.

But she changed into a little black dress. It was a elegant, but provocative sequin piece with long sleeves, tight fit and a very short skirt. Needless to say, Karlie looked incredible.

Earlier in the day Sofia Vergara was out shopping in Beverly Hills. Elegant as ever, Sofia opted for a nice long black summer dress. It was lace with color flower prints on top.

Sofia teamed the dress with a pair of strappy platform high heels. They had thick platforms and thin sky high heels. Just the way Sofia likes them.

She opted to keep her hair loose and rocked minimal makeup. It featured a dash of eyeliner and lipstick. Elegant and stunning.

Also on that day, but all the way in New York, Halle Berry wowed in her outfit. She was going for an appearance on Live with Kelly and Ryan.

Halle opted for a striped summer dress with slouched shoulders and a wrap-around design. The dress pointed the attention to Halle’s toned legs and footwear.

She was rocking a pair of ankle-strapped orange suede high heels. They had thick black and white straps at the toes. The heels were very thin, but with spike-like inserts on the inside part.

Halle opted for accenting makeup with eyeshadows and matching lipstick. She kept her hair in a bun for a superb look. So, there you have it, three stunning celebrities in high heels in just one week. These are the types of weeks we like to see.

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