High heel celebrities of the week – Kylie Jenner and Bella Hadid

Well, that’s maybe too hot for the Internet? This week we have two familiar faces winning high heel celebrity of the week with two very different styles.

First up, Kylie Jenner. We know she loves and prefers the more feminine style and high heels. And she’s also not afraid to be very daring while making it look unintentional.

That’s exactly what Kylie did in Beverly Hills this week. She was out and about in her idea of a casual outfit. And boy, was it meltingly hot!

Kylie opted to wear a tiny and thin crop top which she teamed with an equally tiny micro skirt. And that’s pretty much it!

She added extra daring points by rocking a pair of strapped silver high heels. They featured designer heels with some double-colored elements in them.

Kylie also had made her hair in an long, flowing style which she casually threw over her shoulder. She added some accenting makeup and looked as confident as ever while making it seem like just another day. And it probably was. Still, it was a melting look!

Bella Hadid meanwhile is in Milan for the Milan fashion week. She’s been very busy this year at pretty much all major fashion week events.

One of her looks at the Fendi fashion show though was quite impressive. It pretty much the opposite of Kylie’s look.

Instead, Bella was wearing a short, asymmetrical white dress teamed with a black blazer. The simple outfit was completed thanks to a pair of stunning red thigh high boots.

These boots were half leather, half fabric and featured sensible high heels. They looked great on Bella. She obviously also liked the look since she kept the outfit after the show, too.

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