High heel celebrities of the week – Kylie Jenner and Jadyn Douglas

This week we have two winners of high heel celebrity of the week – Kylie Jenner and Jadyn Douglas. We just couldn’t decide so we gave the win to both ladies.

They both impressed us with they style in two very different settings. The first one is Kylie Jenner who was spotter leaving the TV studio after filming another episode for the reality show Keeping up With The Kardashians.

Kylie settled our thoughts that yes, long coats are becoming a trend among celebrities. We thought long leather coats were going to be the main trend since it is what most celebs were wearing these past a couple of weeks, but it seems all long coats are a go.

Kylie rocked a stylish fitted long coat along with equally stylish pants and a top. The younger Jenner completed her outfit with a pair of sky high strappy heels. They were quite stylish though and added some punch to her otherwise stylish, but casual look. Thanks to the heels though, she was looking much more confident and impressive.

The other winner of high heel celebrity of the week is Jadyn Douglas. She stunned at the Marvel’s “Captain America: Civil War” premiere in Los Angeles in a long and stylish sequined dress. The dress was wrapping around her body leaving just enough to be excited.

Embed from Getty Images

Jadyn completed the look with a pair of high Louboutin strappy heels. She posed for the cameras quite a lot and was seemingly having a great time. Completing her look was some accenting makeup with smoky eyes and her long hair.

Embed from Getty Images

See Jadyn’s glorious dress in action in the video:

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