High heel celebrities of the week – Lady Gaga and Adriana Lima

The celebrities are kicking their game into high gear. This week we have two winners – Adriana Lima and Lady Gaga. Both in leather and high heels.

Both ladies are rocking their signature styles. Adriana is as elegant as ever and Lady Gaga is as daring and unconventional as always.

Yup. Here is Lady Gaga leaving the Groucho club in Soho. She rocked a long Victorian style black leather dress. The dress featured black leather stars and warm furry white underline.

Gaga rocked it with fishnet stockings and a pair of sky high platform heelless shoes. The very shoes she made so popular and she loves to this day.

Gaga had an intricate hairstyle and a bit of a goth look for her makeup. Needless to say she impressed the onlookers with her daring outfit.

Meanwhile, Adriana Lima was in New York at the Corkcircle hosting Sword & Sound. Adriana was classy and elegant in a stylish fitted black leather dress. The dress also had some provocative details true to Adriana’s style.

The Victoria’s Secret Angel teamed the elegant leather dress with matching black high heels. They featured pointy toes and a very clean look. A tiny black purse completed Adriana’s outfit.

She kept her hair long and straight and opted for accenting makeup without going overboard with it.

Adriana looked great and her natural charisma made the quick red carpet walk into a great photoshoot.

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