High heel celebrities of the week – Olivia Munn and Emma Roberts

What happens when style meets provocativeness? Magic happens. Both Olivia Munn and Emma Roberts did just that at the 23rd Annual Critics’ Choice Awards. As a result they are our latest high heel celebrities of the week.

Interestingly enough, both celebs opted for similar styles for the red carpet part of the event. Which was actually a blue carpet, but traditions.

Anyway, both Emma and Olivia looked at their best. And both rocked pretty much one of their best looks ever with a very elegant and attractive style. But they also sported a dash of provocativeness for an even more impressive result.

First, Olivia. She was also the host of the event. She wowed in a long, fitted red dress. It was a classic piece by Prada with a straight cut all the way down to the floor. The dress was teamed with a quite intricate necklace, too.

The dress was closed at the front. It had a closed split at the back to make walking easier. But it also kept Olivia’s footwear well hidden.

You could only catch a few glimpses here and there and see that actually her shoes were quite impressive. Olivia rocked a pair of matching red strapped platform high heels. They were so high, you could get dizzy. The tight fit of the dress didn’t help with walking. Even so, Olivia handled the outfit with ease and looked very confident and comfortable in it.

This transitioned to her entire look and appearance. She left her hair flowing long and loose, styled in elegant curls. A dash of eyeliner and lip gloss completed her stunning look. Definitely one of Olivia’s best.

As we said, Emma Roberts also rocked a similar style dress. There were a few differences, though. First, it was a shoulder-less piece. Second, it was white. And third, it had a lower split at the back.

It was enough though to show off Emma’s footwear. She opted for more realistic heels. They were golden, ankle-strapped and with no platform. The heels were thin and still high, but easy enough to handle.

Emma sported a bit heavier makeup style with eyeliner and more accented lipstick. She kept her hair loose and in a bowl-like style with a near shoulder length. A few jewels and a clutch bag completed her stunning and elegant appearance.

One which was also quite impressive and one of Emma best. So, deserved wins for both ladies. Congrats!

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