High heel celebrities of the week – Priyanka Chopra and Karlie Kloss

This week we once again have two winners. And they were at the same event at the same time – Priyanka Chopra in stunning boots and Karlie Kloss in booties.

Both celebrities were at the Bumble Bizz Dinner Party in New York. They opted for quite different styles for their outfits.

But both looker quite good. So good that they make our high heel celebrities of the week top with ease.

Priyanka Chopra opted for quite an elegant outfit. She was wearing a loose fitting red dress to which she added a wide black belt at the waist. This game the dress some accent and figure.

To offset the loose dress, Priyanka opted for some fitted black leather thigh high boots. She wore them slightly slouched, too.

The boots were extremely elegant. They featured decorative zippers at the front and studs around the sole. The actual heels were quite high and very thin.

Karlie Kloss on the other hand opted for a classic business-style attire with a twist. Her outfit featured of a sleeves business jacket with stripes which she rocked commando. She also added a wide black belt around her waist which looked a bit like something out of 50 Shades of Grey.

Karlie paired the jacket with matching striped pants. A pair of elegant black booties completed her look. They even had low kitten heels for comfort.

While Priyanka rocked accenting, even a bit heavy makeup, Karlie went for a no-makeup look at all. Both though left their hairs loose and looked stunning.

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