High heel celebrities of the week – Sara Michelle Gellar and Charlotte McKinney

Once again we have two high heel celebrities of the week. This time two very different styles, but with the same stunning results. That’s how it’s done!

They are Sara Michelle Gellar and Charlotte McKinney. Both in stunning outfits and high heels to boot.

We will show them chronologically. This means Sara is first up.

She was at a special event for Sauvignon blanc at Curve in Culver City. Sara rocked a stylish outfit which suited her quite a lot.

She opted for a loose fitting golden dress with long sleeves. The dress reached to about her mid thighs and looked elegant and simple.

To add some classy provocativeness to her look, Sarah opted for a pair of fitted black leather thigh high boots. They featured chunky, medium heels for comfort.

Sarah looked great. She opted for minimal, accenting makeup and rocked her hair long and loose. A great look for her.

Our next high heel celebrity of the week is Charlotte McKinney. She was in New York a couple of days ago and wowed with her casual out-and-about outfit.

Charlotte rocked a plaid coat which she had simply thrown over her shoulders. Underneath, she rocked a fitted black top and a superb black leather skirt.

The skirt gave way at about her mid thighs revealing Charlotte’s toned legs in black tights. To complete her outfit, Charlotte rocked a pair of black leather high heeled booties.

The booties featured pointy toes, a slight platform and superb thin high heels. Charlotte rocked them with confidence and looked stunning.

She also had her hair long and loose. And she also opted for minimal accenting makeup. It was more than enough to have a great effect, though. Nicely done.

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