High heel celebrities of the week – Shakira and Bella Hadid

The summer is unofficially here and celebrities are already in this mode. This allows for some braver outfits as we can see from our Shakira and Bella Hadid.

Shakira has been out of the spotlight for a while now. But this is about to change as this week she launched her latest album – El Dorado.

So, we can expect that there will be plenty of Shakira in the future. Which is great as we’ve stared to miss her quite a bit.

So, as you can imagine, we were more than thrilled when she launched her new album. And we also loved her outfit which she chose for the occasion. It was one that would be like an everyday one, but with added daring points to it.

It all starts with a colorful jacket with a yellow and black print. Underneath Shakira rocked a white T-shirt. She teamed this with a pair of black lace-up leggings and a pair of stunning platform high heels.

They featured thick platforms and a cutout at the middle of the foot.  The heels themselves were thin and high. Shakira seems to also go for the latest platform heel trend that it’s shaping up among celebs.

She styled her hair in a long ponytail and added some accenting makeup and jewels. A great look for her which earns her the high heel celebrity of the week title with ease.

But Shakira shares the title with Bella Hadid this week. Bella continues her streak of incredibly daring, but still elegant outfits.

She was in Paris this week and wowed in a simple, but very effective outfit. Bella rocked a fitted black turtleneck shirt which was revealing way more than it seemed at first glance.

She tucked the shirt into a white leather skirt with a tulip-like shape. The skirt was quite short and drew the attention to Bella’s long legs.

Bella completed the outfit with a pair of lace-up high heels. They featured medium-height heels and some star-accents on the lower part. Bella kept her hair in a ponytail and rocked a pair of black rectangular shades. It was a glamorous look for her and that’s an accomplishment considering her Cannes outfits where she went all out.

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