High heel celebrities of the week – Tallia Storm, Victoria Justice and Olivia Culpo

This week was going pretty mundane up until Thursday. Then we got not one, but three high heel celebrities of the week winners all at once. They are Tallia Storm, Victoria Justice and Olivia Culpo.

All three were at different events and rocked very different styles. The result was the same though – quite impressive and stunning. And also quite elegant.

By now you know we love this mix of elegance, stylish, class with a healthy touch of daringness. It’s a tricky one to pull off, but when done right, the results are great. And this time we have three great examples.

One of them is Tallia Storm. She was at the Kurt Geiger London Boutique launch at Selfridges in London.

Tallia rocked a very elegant red leather minidress. It was a shoulder-less piece with and interesting collar. The dress then transitioned into a classic, body-hugging style and a short hemline.

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Tallia teamed the style with an interesting pair of booties. They were black, with pointed toes and thin heels. The shoes also featured lots of colorful flower prints.

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Tallia kept her hair loose and opted for a dash of accenting makeup. She also liked another pair of high heeled booties at the store. They were in grey from Geiger.

We stay in London for the second event. It was the REVOLVE ‘LA Party In London’ at Hotel Cafe Royal. Our two other high heel celebrities of the week were there.

One of them is Olivia Culpo. She opted for a classic style with a fitted little black dress. Olivia also chose a shoulder-less piece which was very short, too.

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She teamed it with a pair of suede thigh high boots. They were also well fitted and sported peep-toe style for a more catchy look and feel. The boots featured thin heels which were easy for Olivia to handle.

This time she opted for a straightened hairstyle and she stuck to her favorite style makeup with accented eyes and lip gloss. Olivia completed her look with a white purse.

Finally, we have Victoria Justice. She was at the same REVOLVE event, but opted for a different style.

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Victoria opted for a fitted yellow dress with a classic strap design around the shoulders. The dress also featured a black and white strap going from one side to the other in an elegant swoop. It was a short dress with a cheeky side split over the right leg.

Justice teamed the piece with a pair of 60s style high heels with a modern twist. They featured thick platforms with chunky high heels as the classic look. The top of the shoes though was quite more modern with thin, elegant straps.

Victoria completed her look with a small copper-colored purse. She left her hair long and loose and this time added some curls to it. Victoria kept her favorite makeup look and style along with her favorite red lipstick for a final touch. Great job by all three ladies, for sure.

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