High heel celebrities of the week – three stunning celebs in leather

It’s been a while since we’ve had such a busy week fashion-wise. There were quite a few stunning celebs and leather was again a main choice for many. So, we have not one, but three high heel celebrities of the week. All three in leather, too.

There were several different events this week and pretty much all of them had at least one leathered attendee. So, it was quite difficult to choose just one winner.

Of course, we settled this the easy way. We chose three winners. Each with a slightly different style, but all with the same effect – memorable and stunning.

Let’s check them out. In no particular order. We begin with Sarah Ellen. She was at the Tiffany & Co. Paper Flowers event and Believe In Dreams campaign launch.

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She was rocking a classic fitted white sporty top which she teamed with an elegant long leather skirt. The skirt featured a very high waist with a wide belt and asymmetrical split over the left leg.

Sarah paired the elegant but daring skirt with a pair of white high heels. They were classic pumps. Finally, Sarah rocked her hair in a bun and opted for minimal, accenting makeup. Overall, a very clean, simple, yet elegant look.

Next up we have Jennifer Williams. She attended the premiere of Breaking In in Hollywood this week.

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Jennifer opted for an elegant, slightly loose fitting black leather dress. She also added a wide belt at her waist, to accent her figure.

Jennifer went for a more daring and provocative look with figured stockings and black leather booties. They were with thin heels and pointed toes. Jennifer kept her hair loose with slight curls. A dash of accenting makeup completed her stunning look.

Finally, we have Jenna Dewan who attended the FYC Event For NBC’s ‘World Of Dance’ in Hollywood. Jenna wowed at the event with quite the outfit.

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It started very daring with a black see-through striped shirt, of course a fitted one. Jenna teamed the shirt with a stunning long black leather skirt.

The skirt was quite the piece. It was with a high waist and the front was frilly with lots of details. The back of the leather skirt was plain and straight with no details.

The low hemline was with slight asymmetrical design. Jenna teamed the stunning skirt with a pair of elegant ankle-strapped high heels. A dash of red lipstick and keeping her hair loose and straight completed Jenna’s fabulous look.

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