High heel celebrities of the week – Victoria Justice and Bella Hadid

This time we once again have two high heel celebrities of the week. They are Bella Hadid and Victoria Justice. Both in very different styles and outfits.

But the one common thing? Both of them looked stunning. And while Bella was all about being provocative, Victoria opted for a casual and simple look.

Both celebs did achieve one thing – they looked incredible. Going chronologically Victoria is first with a day lead.

She was out and about in New York, reportedly on a way to a Broadway show. Victoria had opted for a very casual, but elegant outfit for that occasion.

She rocked a tiny cut top, revealing her toned abs and also a long black “coat”. It was out of very thin fabric and with no buttons. Ideal for some summer style points.

Victoria teamed this look with a pair of classic ripped jeans. Nothing much to say about them, they are and will be a fashion stable for a long time.

Victoria added some color to her look with her high heels. They were with a snakeskin print, but with lots of vibrant colors. The shoes also featured medium platforms and a thick heel.

Victoria opted for her classic look with long, loose straight hair. She added some accenting makeup this time with smoky eyes, some additional foundation and a darker shade lipstick. She also opted for a pair of big earrings and a small purse to complete her stunning look.

Meanwhile, Bella Hadid was in Paris for the Men’s Fashion Week. Once again, she decided to go for a daring and provocative outfit which seems to be her new favorite style. We’re not complaining, though. It’s a tricky thing to pull it off and not come off as “trashy”, and Bella certainly manages to avoid this pitfall.

She went to the Heron Preston presentation and wowed in a supremely daring outfit. It featured a ripped and cut-off orange denim jacket. Underneath she had the tiniest of tiny tops, which could pretty much go for a bra as well, but it wasn’t, at least officially.

As you can imagine, this pretty much showed off Bella’s entire upper body. The lower half though was a bit more covered, but in what way!

Bella rocked a skin tight orange leather skirt. It featured a medium high waist, and reached to just the top of her thighs. Even so, her legs were still mostly covered.

This came thanks to a pair of stunning classic black thigh high leather boots. They were the with pointy toes and spiked high heels and a slightly loose fit. Still stunning footwear, though.

Bella opted to keep her hair styled in a bun and rocked medium earrings with accenting makeup. It wasn’t too much, and it didn’t have to be with an outfit like that, to achieve stunning results.

So, there you have it. Two very different styles with equally impressive and stunning results.

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