High heel celebrities of the week – Victoria Justice and Katharine McPhee

We have new high heel celebrities of the week. Two very different styles, but with equally stunning effect – Victoria Justice and Katharine McPhee.

Victoria Justice was under the radar for some time this year, at least fashion-wise. She is now coming back in style. A very stunning style.

We can also say the same for Katharine McPhee. She also impressed us this week with a stunning denim outfit. But first, we have to check out Victoria as she was first chronologically.

And she did quite the departure from her usual simple and elegant style. Victoria was at the NYX Professional Makeup and Samsung VR Launch Party in Los Angeles. She impressed with a very bold look which we liked quite a lot.

Justice was rocking a black latex top which she tucked into a denim miniskirt. The skirt had a ripped hemline to add to the daring style.

Victoria then teamed this outfit with a pair of quite elegant high heels. The shoes featured thin ankle straps along with silver frilly strap at the toes. The actual heels were quite thin and very high.

As per the name of the event, Victoria’s makeup this time was quite accented. Usually she opts for only accents. This time Justice rocked heavier style with foundation, shaped eyes and a very dark shade shiny lipstick. A pair of oversized silver earrings and elegant straight hair completed Victoria’s stunning look.

Moving on to a day later on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. We see Katharine McPhee there in an all denim outfit. Her casual out-and-about style is quite the looker.

Katharine rocks a striped white shirt with a pinstripe denim jacket which she has simply thrown on her shoulders. McPhee then teams the outfit with a pair of blue jeans with a ripped knee.

Too much denim and casual? Well, then Katharine has you covered. Her footwear was quite more different. McPhee was rocking a pair of black leather lace-up booties. Or maybe they were boots? We will never know as most of them remained hidden.

What we could see though was quite impressive. The shoes were of super black leather with long pointed toes and quite high thin heels. So thin, you could barely see the heels from some angles. Still, Katharine managed with ease.

She rocked her hair loose and elegantly styles. Katharine opted for only light accenting makeup and eyeliner. Nothing overboard, but very simple and elegant. Lovely stuff.

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