High heel celebrities of the week – Zendaya and Irina Shayk

Zendaya is back in the spotlight and hasn’t missed a beat. She and Irina Shayk are our newest high heel celebrities of the week for their elegant styles.

Zendaya was quite busy at the first part of the week. She was in New York for an appearance on Good Morning America.

And she rocked two elegant outfits for the occasion. One of them was a stylish pink semi-transparent A-line dress. It gave Zendaya a very gentle and feminine figure which she further accented with a pair of white high heels. The shoes were a classic pump style and looked quite elegant.

She actually kept them for her second outfit as well. It was also pink, but a suit which she teamed with a black crop top.

Zendaya kept the same hairstyle, too, but added more heavier makeup for the second outfit. It was after all the outfit which she appeared on the show. Two great looks for Zendaya in a single day.

A couple of days later Irina Shayk was at the Intimissimi On Ice at the Arena in Verona. Irina chose a very glamorous and attractive outfit for this special occasion.

Irina rocked an elegant, but provocative long green sequin dress. It had long sleeves and reached to the ground, but it also featured a deep V-neck and a daring high split at the front.

Irina accented her toned legs with a pair of elegant black high heels. They had cutouts on the sides and appeared to hold only the back of the heels and the top of the toes. She handled them with no visible issues, though.

Irina kept her hair in a bun and opted just for a dash of accenting makeup. She looked stunning as always.

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