High heel celebrity of the week – Adriana Lima in leather and booties

It’s rare to see Adriana Lima in high heels out and about and not on a red carpet event. But when she does it, she makes sure you will remember it.

Earlier this week she was in New York to attend Victoria’s Secret fittings for the yearly fashion show. And this time Adriana chose a very elegant, classic out-and-about outfit featuring heels.

It may be a simple outfit, but she looked so good it propelled her to the top as our newest high heel celebrity of the week.

Adriana’s outfit is very simple to describe, but the effects of it are very powerful. She rocked a simple, black shoulder-less shirt which was well fitted to her body.

Adriana teamed the shirt with an elegant black leather skirt. It was a classic miniskirt design with some added biker-motives thanks to a front zipper, zipped decorative pockets and actual pockets.

The skirt drew attention to Adriana’s supermodel legs which were propped up by a pair of lace-up suede booties. They featured pointed toes and some very thing and very high heels. Of course, they were of no problem at all for Adriana.

She completed her stylish, glamorous look with a small colorful purse and accented makeup. Adriana kept her hair loose and added extra volume to it to look even more glamorous. A deserved win for her this week.

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