High heel celebrity of the week – Alessandra Ambrosio in thigh high boots

They say thigh high boots can make you fall in love. If you’ve had doubts about this, simply check out Alessandra Ambrosio in such boots and you will agree.

Alessandra was at the Rimowa London Concept store VIP Press launch this past week. She was all business and rocked a superb classy but very daring outfit.

Alessandra had opted for a classic office-style suit. She was wearing a formal jacket and a classic combination of a crisp white shirt and a short skirt.

But this is where the classics end. The skirt was incredibly short and very tightly fitted. And for footwear… well, Alessandra had gone for the classic rule – the shorter the skirt, the higher the boots.

So, she opted for a pair of incredibly stylish and bold black leather thigh high boots. They featured all the classic details like pointy toes, thin high heels and good fit. The boots didn’t have any additional trinkets on them which was great.

They actually looked like something you would expect a confident businesswoman to wear. Maybe with a slightly longer skirt, though. Even so, it was more than enough for Alessandra to score an easy win in the high heel celebrity of the week race. Well done.

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