High heel celebrity of the week – Alessandra Ambrosio

Fashion supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio loves high heels and often can be seen wearing them. And very often she picks quite impressive shoes like these.

Recently Alessandra was at the VO|CO Summer Closing Pool Party in West Hollywood. She came to the party in a bridal-style outfit with a little white dress and a pair of Christian Louboutin’s bridal high heels collection.

The outfit was an interesting mix from casual and stylish with a dash of sexiness. Overall Alessandra showed that some bridal accessories can be used in everyday life, too. Like the high heelsĀ for example. Granted, it may be a little difficult to pull them off for all types of occasions, but they seem to work just fine for a pool party as well.

The wavy mirage heel is a new Louboutin favorite which you could expect to see somewhat more often in his styles. Naturally, there are classic stilettos as well and they aren’t going anywhere.

Alessandra had kept her makeup to the bare minimum and had added a few extra jewels than usual to her look. Overall a very nice outfit and high heels choice, that earned her the high heel celebrity of the week title. Stay tuned for more from the world of celebrities and high heels.

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