High heel celebrity of the week – Anna Kendrick (twice)

Anna Kendrick had quite the week at the 2018 CinemaCon in Las Vegas. She was at several events and impressed with her style and footwear. So much we liked two different outfits and heels for Anna to name her our latest high heel celebrity of the week.

Anna opted for a similar style, but slightly different outfits for two events in the same day. Interestingly enough, they both are the winners.

So, Anna basically pulled off two high heel celebrity of the week wins in one day! And both of them are quite great.

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The first one was as Anna attended the 2017 Big Screen Achievement Awards. Oh, and she also took home an award!

Anna rocked an interesting black dress with lots of cutouts It was a fitted dress and with a low neckline and a high hemline.

Anna teamed the dress with a pair of elegant black high heels. They were with asymmetrical toe boxes and very thin elegant high heels. Anna rocked her hair loose and pulled to the back and looked great with a dash of accenting makeup.

Her second outfit featured a more closed dress with black and white top and a classic fit and shape. The dress also featured an asymmetrical black lace skirt.

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Anna teamed this dress with a pair of elegant yellow high heels. They added extra fun to the look and were still quite elegant with thin high heels and pointed toes.

Anna rocked her hair in a ponytail and opted or a bit less makeup. Both styles were quite great. Hence, why they both net her a win for this week. A well deserved one.

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