High heel celebrity of the week – Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande is back in the spotlight. She’s changed her style slightly, but she still loves high heels. So she wins the high heel celebrity of the week!

Ariana was a guest at the We Studio program on BBC Radio 1 in London. The highlight though was after her participation on the show.

Fans had gathered in big numbers in front of the building, awaiting to see their favorite singer. Arianna didn’t disappoint and she took time to sign autographs and take selfies with quite a few of her fans.

She received quite a few letters from her fans, even a teddy bear as a gift. The letters were so many, she dropped them and needed a little help to pick them up.

Ariana was looking especially stylish. She was sticking to her trademark ponytail for a hairstyle and smoky eyes for makeup. Her outfit was a bit more business than usual. It featured a pair of black pants, matching top and a long, beige leather coat. It is rare for Ariana to wear leather, but when she does, it always suits her quite well.

Completing her outfit was a pair of her also trademark trusty black platform high heels. This time they were strapless and matched her outfit perfectly.

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