High heel celebrity of the week – Bella Hadid in full leather

The battle continues. Bella Hadid and Olivia Culpo seem to be on quite the roll with their high heel celebrity of the week wins. Bella Hadid wins once again this time with an elegant full leather outfit and lace-up heels.

We’re actively looking at other celebs and trying to give the win to a new name, believe us. But so far Bella and Olivia seem to keep the lead quite well. Even Victoria Justice can’t seem to get back on the wins.

But Bella Hadid won it this week once agai. She was in New York to promote her new Bulgari promotion in time for the New York Fashion Week.

The weather was quite poor for the Times Square reveal of Bella’s promo. That didn’t deter her from choosing a stunning outfit which was also appropriate for the rain. And the rain didn’t cloud her great mood either. Even when it rained on her immaculate outfit. The leather though handled the rain with ease.

And what is that outfit? Well it was both elegant and attractive. Bella rocked a cutout sweater which was drawing attention to her waist.

She teamed the sweater with an elegant leather suit. It featured an elegant leather jacket with buttons and bell-end sleeves.

The second part of the outfit featured matching elegant black leather pants. They were with a high waist style, tight fit and bell ends.

The ends of the trouser legs also had zippers which allowed for them to be more open. Something Bella had done for her walk towards the event.

She once again opted for her new favorite high heels – the lace-up patent booties by Liudmila. These heels win for a third time for Bella. It’s not surprising though. They are great and Bella continues to find new great outfits and ways to make the heels look great.

Part of our high heel celebrity of the week criteria is also the outfit and how the heels look with the overall outfit. It’s not only about the shoes, as they are part of the whole thing. And as Bella seems intent on continuing to rock these heels more and will continue to find new great outfit to team them with, we expect to see her pick up more wins with them.

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