High Heel Celebrity of the Week – Bella Thorne (again)

Bella Thorne secures a second win of the best high heel wearing celebrity of the week thanks to her appearance for Despierta America.

Bella was looking incredible for her appearance and was rocking a fitted cut-out fitted red dress which she loved to tease with. The young singer, actress and model has proved to us once again that she does have a great fashion taste.

Thorne had opted for a pair of golden strappy high heels that were quite high. Naturally she managed to handle them with ease.

Bella wore her hair loose and had opted for quite a lot of jewelry with lots of rings, bracelets and etc. Still, she looked very good.

She recently got her driver’s license and celebrated in an unusual way. She got her first tattoo – a tiny kitten behind her left ear.

Don’t forget to check Bella out in her first win of high heel celebrity of the week if you have missed it before.

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