High heel celebrity of the week – Blake Lively (by a lot)

As we’ve noted before, Blake Lively is among the biggest fans of high heels in Hollywood. She wins the high heel celebrity of the week again with a big lead.

Blake had quite the week during the 2016 Cannes film festival. She was at several events and stuck true to her love for high heels all the time.

Blake had a Lively time and pretty much did a runway show during her days in Cannes. Every time she rocked a different gorgeous outfit and stunning high heels.

She had brought her A-game and showed us exactly why she loves high heels and has such a huge collection. And also that she has great and bold taste which suits her very much.

So here are the several reasons why Blake Lively wins the high heel celebrity of the week chart by a huge margin. We don’t think we’ve ever had one celebrity pull off several top form looks within a week.

All of these amazing looks in just a few days! Impressive! Naturally, Christian Louboutin seemed to be Blake’s main choice for high heels. This isn’t surprising since she’s said several times before, it is her favorite shoe brand.

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