High heel celebrity of the week – Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne is the new high heel celebrity of the week! The supermodel rocked a superb stylish outfit in Manhattan which quickly made the news. See why.

Cara was spotted as she was leaving her hotel in Manhattan. Ever stylish, she was looking superb.

She is also one of the celebrities who is not afraid to mix up her own taste with high fashion styles. It is a tricky thing to do, especially with high fashion, but Cara pulls it off with ease.

She was wearing a stylish crop top with a mesh top part which was showing off her shoulders. She had put a wide green bow around her belly.

To complete the outfit Cara put on a pair of classic suit pants. Then it was time for the cherry.

Cara was rocking a pair of sky high lace-up high heels. They featured a closed back like booties and an wide open front with laces and peep toes.

The heels were also very high and very thin. And they didn’t even have a platform to offset some of the height. Even so, they were not problem for Cara. She handled them with ease.

She completed her attractive look with a double bun hairstyle and accenting eyeshadows for makeup. Basically she pulled together a bold look, a sexy look, a stylish look and a cute look all into one. Nicely done.

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