High heel celebrity of the week – Emilia Clarke

A new year and a new first time high heel celebrity of the week! Finally, we have Emilia Clarke win one of these and with not one, but two different outfits and pairs of high heels.

Emilia rarely makes appearances and often prefers a more casual style. And we’re mostly about the glamour, hence the name. So, it’s rare to see her on here, but when you do, you know it’s going to be special.

And this time is twice as special. Emilia wowed us with superb outfits and high heels for two consecutive days. The first one was on Wednesday in LA. Emilia was at the W Magazine’s Celebration of its ‘Best Performances’ Portfolio.

She wowed us with a glammed-up look, but also keeping true to her personal and unique style. Emilia rocked an elegant black dress with small flower prints on it and a lace layer.

The dress was well fitted and reached to the mid calves, but also had a high split on the side. Emilia teamed the dress with a pair lf blue-ish Louboutin high heels. And they were some very, very high heels, with ankle straps and looked stunning.

Emilia handled the height with ease and looked superb. She completed her outfit with a glittering clutch. Clarke sported a shorter blond hair and opted for heavier makeup than usual. Especially her accenting lipstick. She did look quite good.

The next day Clarke was at the Four Seasons hotel at the AFI award luncheon in Beverly Hills. Emilia wowed in an even more stylish outfit. She rocked an elegant A-line green dress which had a tight fit at the top and flared and the hip.

Clarke teamed the dress with an elegant suede jacket which she was wearing on her shoulders. Emilia again opted for a pair of some very high heels.

This time they were with thinner ankle straps and colorful straps at the toes. They also had a tiny platform and some very thin and even high heels.

Clarke looked good by keeping her hair parted and in a bun. She also rocked a pair of big sunglasses and lighter makeup. Oh, and a big smile to complete her stunning look. It’s a long time coming, but it was more than worth the wait. Emilia is looking sunning and elegant. And it looks effortless which is always a mark of a┬ástyle well done.

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