High heel celebrity of the week – Emily Ratajkowski

Supermodel Emily Ratajkowski continues to impress with her choices of evening dresses and high heels. So much, she’s our high heel celebrity of the week!

Emily has proven she knows how to pick stunning dresses and make them even better. She’s on a roll lately with several stunning outfits one after another.

Just yesterday Emily was at the VIP preview of Annabel’s new private club in London. She was one of the special guests and made sure the evening looks and feels just as special.

Emily isn’t shy about showing off her body in daring dresses. This time she picked a long golden dress with several panels which joined together. The dress featured a long front slit showing off Emily’s slender legs and her platform high heels.

The heels were as stylish as her dress. They were high, on a medium platform with ankle straps and peep-toes. The actress kept her hair in a bun and rocked makeup which was accenting, but not too much.

She obviously felt like a million bucks and took the time to pose for the photographers. Something which we all appreciate. Yet another superb outfit from Emily showing the power of high heels, high fashion and high confidence as a result from the former two.

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