High heel celebrity of the week – Gigi Hadid in Paris

Gigi Hadid is busy during the several fashion weeks. But one of the most stunning outfits she rocked wasn’t on the runway. It was at an event in Paris.

Gigi was at the Hotel Salomon de Rothschild for a fashion event and she rocked a stunning dress and high heels. The outfit easily propelled her to our undisputed high heel celebrity of the week.

The dress was both elegant and quite provocative. It was a long white dress with a tight fit and a brave and deep V-neck. The dress also featured an equally brave high slit at the front, revealing almost the entire legs.

And that’s not all. The dress had a collar like coat and a train on the floor. Long sleeves added some extra elegance to the overall daring piece.

Gigi also rocked a pair of very elegant high heels. They were silver with transparent stripes to make them look smaller than they actually are. It also created a more floating look for the ankles.

Gigi also added several silver jewels, including a chain-like necklace. Several silver and diamond rings completed her look.

Gigi kept her hair in a bun and opted for nude lipstick and accenting nude makeup with a dash of eyeliner. She looked extremely impressive and quite confident. Definitely one of Gigi’s best looks and outfits. So, a deserved high heel celebrity of the week win for her!

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