High heel celebrity of the week – Hailee Steinfeld in stunning thigh boots

High heel celebrity of the week - Hailee Steinfeld in stunning thigh bootsHailee Steinfeld is back on top form. She wowed with her singing and outfit featuring thigh boots during The Hyde Away performance in Thermal, CA.

Hailee has always been brave enough to rock stunning outfits not only on events, but in her daily life, too. And she also often adds her personal style to the outfits.

The end results almost always are stunning. This includes her latest performance during The Hyde Away in Thermal, CA.

There Hailee wowed in a mixture of her style, casual style and a provocative style. Hailee rocked a fishnet top which she teamed with a pair of denim hotpants.

Hailee Steinfeld in thigh high boots

Then Hailee added a pair of stunning suede thigh high boots. They featured pointy toes and thin sky high heels which were at the very back of the sole.

The boots were well fitted along Hailee’s legs and added that extra “punch” of confidence to her look and style. They were definitely a great addition to her outfit.

Hailee Steinfeld in thigh high boots

Hailee kept her hair long and loose, styled freely. She rocked a pair of aviator sunglasses to complete her look. She didn’t have too much makeup, only a dash of eye-liner. A great look for Hailee for sure. And that’s why she’s our latest high heel celebrity of the week.

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