High heel celebrity of the week – Hailee Steinfeld in thigh high boots

Hailee Steinfeld continues her impressive fashion streak of not missing a beat. She won the high heel celebrity of the week again with a pair of thigh boots.

Hailee was seen going for a dress fitting for the 2016 Met Gala. The outfit she had chosen for the occasion was as impressive as ever though.

The 19-year-old celebrity was looking stunning in a black mini dress with a military style. It showed off her figure and featured gold buttons for added accents.

Adding some edge to her look was a pair of black leather thigh high boots. They featured wider heels to make walking more comfortable. Naturally Hailee was looking stunning and wowed lucky onlookers which she seemed to enjoy.

Completing her look was a pair of sunglasses, a leather Chanel bag and pretty much no jewellery. Hailee had her hair loose and was looking beautiful and stylish. Nicely done, as we’ve come to expect from her.

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