High heel celebrity of the week – Hailey Baldwin in a great patent leather dress

Another week, another top winner. This time we chose Hailey Baldwin for her elegant and attractive style at the 2018 Whitney Gala in New York. Hailey impressed with an elegant patent leather dress and superb high heels.

You may call us biased, and you may be right, but we loved Hailey’s look. It was both very elegant, but also confident and a bit daring.

Just the type of style we love. It’s a tricky one to pull off, but when done right, the effect is terrific. And this is just what Hailey managed to do at the 2018 Whitney Gala.

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She impressed with an elegant shoulder-less piece which had a fitted top and then the skirt flared out. The dress reached to Hailey’s mid-calf and added a nice hourglass figure to her look.

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Baldwin then added a touch of more elegance with her shoes. Hailey opted for a pair of classic ankle-strapped high heels, but with a twist. The shoes featured studded with small jewels straps.

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Hailey rocked her hair in a raised ponytail and opted for a dash of accenting makeup. She also opted for a pair of oversized earrings which are the only thing we are on the fence about.

Other than that Hailey looked absolutely glamorous. It’s a simple, yet very effective style, which can make you look and feel like a billion bucks. OK, maybe just like a million bucks. The rest is up to you whether you “feel” the outfit or not.

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