High heel celebrity of the week – Heidi Klum (yes, again)

After noting that Heidi Klum has won high heel celebrity of the week just once, she’s now making up for it. And she wins again for a second week in a row.

This week Heidi again impressed us with a elegant and attractive outfit. And again it featured a stunning leather skirt.

It seems that more and more celebrities can’t get enough of leather even in the hot summer. We’re not complaining though. Quite the opposite.

Especially, when it’s done with taste and style, but also has a dash of provocativeness. This is exactly what Heidi accomplished this week with her latest and winning outfit.

It featured a nude colored loose fitting shirt for a top. It had a deep V-neck and long sleeves which Heidi rolled up a bit. She tucked the shirt into a elegant grey leather skirt.

The skirt was a wrap-around design, with the front going up in a triangle. Decorative zippers along the edge added to the look and left the mind wonder if you would actually zip up another piece to make the skirt longer.

Heidi opted for a simple shoe style to go with this outfit. You could even say that the shoes were quite modest and why are they winning the week?

Well, that’s the point. You don’t always need the flashiest or the most daring shoes to look great. Quite often, the classic, simple and elegant styles do more than fine.

Heidi’s outfit and choice are a great example of this. She rocked a pair of classic black pointy toed pumps. They featured slightly thinner heels than the typical pump and where quite high.

Heidi completed her look with a big knitted handbag. She rocked some silver jewels, bracelets and a necklace. Keeping up with the elegant style, she rocked her hair loose and opted for just some eyeliner and lip gloss. A great look which deserves the win.

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