High heel celebrity of the week – Heidi Klum

Well, that’s a surprise. After all this time, Heidi Klum hasn’t won our high heel celebrity of the week. Well, now she has and in an impressive way.

Heidi has always had a great style and fashion sense. So, it’s surprising she hasn’t one until now. It’s bad timing we guess.

Nevertheless, now she’s getting the win. And with ease while she was out and about in London.

Heidi opted for an attractive and provocative style, which certainly was a headturner. Or we should say Рadding even more to her already headturning look and style.

Heidi rocked a cropped sheer shirt with a colorful floral print. Underneath, she opted for an equally revealing and daring black top.

It was tucked into a stunning black leather skirt. It was a very short and tight skirt which added even more daring points.

The skirt left little to the imagination and accented on Heidi’s long, supermodel legs. As a finishing touch, she opted for a pair of elegant purple high heels.

The heels featured small bows on the peep-toe straps. They also had additional knots on the ankle ties. The heels looked very feminine and elegant. They added some extra style points and balanced the provocativeness of the outfit.

Heidi was feeling very confident in her outfit. She left her long hair loose with added volume. A dash of accenting makeup, two clutch bags and some rings completed her stunning look. Definitely not an easy look to pull of, but with stunning results when done right. As Heidi showed us.

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