High heel celebrity of the week – Jennifer Lopez and a Bella bonus

What a week! So many celebrities and events! But there had to be a best celebrity in high heels and that’s Jennifer Lopez! Oh, and a Bella bonus (again).

Jennifer Lopez reminded us once again she’s one of the most stylish celebs out there. She had a very good reason to bring out her A game.

She launched her new shoe collection Shoe Capsule this week. It’s a new shoe collection Jennifer is doing in collaboration with Giuseppe Zanotti.

As you can expect, Jennifer wanted to look the par for her beautiful high heels. So, she opted for a very stylish and elegant coat-like dress. It looked like a buttoned coat, but it was an elegant dress.

Jennifer rocked a real brown-ish coat with a big furry collar for her arrival. She looked incredibly elegant, but also even a bit provocative. It’s definitely a tricky thing to pull off, but with tremendous effect when done right. And Jennifer did it right.

Naturally, she rocked a pair of high heels from her own collection. They were in nude color with several straps. Actually, they seemed like a size too big, but they still looked great.

Jennifer completed her look with accenting makeup and a ponytail hairstyle. She also opted for quite a lot of jewels and accessories. Great job!

And finally, of course, the now traditional Bella bonus. You might be thinking we’re trolling you, but no. We re very serious. Bella Hadid has been quite busy these days with all the various fashion week events.

And she has improved her style to match. So, here are two great looks for her from the Paris fashion week. These are her choices when she’s out and about.

Bella seems to quite like leather pants, as she often picks them. And she styles them quite well with various high heels, booties, tops and coats. Nicely done!

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