High heel celebrity of the week – Jennifer Lopez

The latest winner of our high heel celebrity of the week award is Jennifer Lopez! For one of her most amazing outfits in a while! Check it out!

As a judge on American Idol, Jennifer has quite a lot of studio time and appearances. Even so, she continues to manage to find one amazing outfit after another. The one she rocked for the latest tapings though was probably one of her best in a while, topping all other outfits!

Jennifer appeared in a glamorous and stunning black sequin dress. It was showing off her curves and it was fitting her like a glove. The dress is made by Alex Perry and highlighted her body in an unique way.

Jennifer looked as amazing as ever in the dress which was paired with studded high heels by Christian Louboutin. The towering high heels were no problem for Jennifer as she strutted with a supermodel walk.

She had her hair in a pony tail and was wearing smoky eyes makeup and discrete lipstick. Jennifer had opted for quite a few rings on her fingers and discrete earrings, but no necklace.

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