High heel celebrity of the week – Karlie Kloss in stunning footwear

Karlie Kloss once again showed us how to look absolutely stunning with minimal effort. She’s our latest high heel celebrity of the week and well deserved!

Karlie looked simply amazing while trying to hail a cab in NY. She opted for a simple, casual, but very elegant and stylish outfit.

As we’ve often said, it doesn’t take much to be glamorous and stylish. And when you achieve with simple items, the effect is even more profound.

Of course, it helps to be a supermodel, too. But even that didn’t seem to help Karlie catch a cab with ease. Despite that, she looked at her best trying to catch a cab.

Karlie opted for an elegant, but provocative outfit which featured a long denim dress-coat. It was the main part of Karlie’s outfit and had a dangerously high split over her left leg.

Karlie also opted for an elegant white shirt underneath the denim. Completing her look was a pair of classic elegant black pumps. The shoes had pointy toes and spike high heels and worked great to add additional style and provocative points.

Karlie kept her hair beautifully styled, draped over one shoulder and added some accenting makeup to complete her great look. It’s definitely one of her best casual looks we’ve seen from her.


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