High heel celebrity of the week – Karlie Kloss

We are quite fond of Karlie Kloss. She is always stylish and chooses outfits which suit her. No matter if she’s on a formal event or simply out and about.

This week she was out and about in New York with a very simple, yet stylish and even glamorous look. In a such an eventful week with so many stunning celebrities in high heels, this simple outfit really stands out.

Maybe it has something to do with the way Karlie handles herself. Maybe it’s just THAT good. Whatever the reason, we are happy to say that Karlie Kloss is our latest high heel celebrity of the week.

Despite being a regular feature here, this is her first time winning. We do owe her an apology for that as she has deserved a win for a long time.

Anyway, Karlie was out and about and rocked a very simple outfit. She opted for a pair of fitted, white jeans which she teamed with a black turtleneck top and a suede jacket. Resting on her shoulder was a small black and white purse with a chain strap.

Karlie rocked a pair of short calf high boots. They were from black leather and featuring thin high heels. They were quite high but still no problem for Karlie. She walked with confidence and looked great and proved you can be glamorous in casual everyday outfits, too.

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