High heel celebrity of the week – Keke Palmer

Keke Palmer had quite the week. She was busy with several events and rocked several great outfits and high heels. Hence, she’s rightfully our latest winner.

Keke had several appearances on TV and other events in New York these past few days. So, she opted for a wide array of styles each as good if not better than the other.

So, we don’t have just one outfit because of which Keke wins and is our latest high heel celebrity of the week. We have four.

Keke is known for her daring and provocative style. She began the month with an interesting mix of a classic pencil skirt teamed with a lace see-through top.

Palmer mixed it up wit a pair of ankle-strapped high heels. They featured small bows at the front and peep-toe style.

On the next day she opted for three different outfits. One of them was a bit more stylish, but still with a dash of daringness.

Keke rocked a fitted long black dress with a mesh bolero-style top. She teamed it with a pair of classic Louboutin stilettos.

As you can see, she was turning quite a lot of heads. But that was only the start.

Keke turned up the heat quite a lot with her next outfit. She opted for a pair of a short leather skirt and a leather biker jacket. For a top, only a mesh and a bra. For footwear, the same black sky high pumps.

It seemed this was the outfit Keke loved the most, as she was quite happy rocking it.

Finally, to complete the win, Keke opted for an elegant long white dress with a snakeskin pattern on the front. The dress featured a generous slit, showing off Keke’s toned legs.

She opted for a pair of white ankle-strapped high heels to complete the look.

They were very elegant and suited her well. As you can see, a deserved win this week for Keke. Four out of four!

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