High heel celebrity of the week: Kendall Jenner

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High heel celebrity of the week: Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner had a pretty busy week with the Paris Fashion Week shows. During the various events high heels were her main choice of footwear for the week.

Kendall took part in some of the shows for the Paris Fashion Week, but what we liked more was her own choice of outfits and high heels throughout the week. We normally pick a few celebrities in high heels for the week, but this time Kendall wins it all. Here is why.

Here is Kendall at the LAX wearing a nice casual outfit what is spiced up by a pair of black high heeled lace-up booties.

Kendall Jenner in booties

While back from Paris, Kendall took the time to meet with her sister Kylie. In this ouftit it is a bit difficult to see her shoes, but they were nude colored, with pointy toes, and high thin heels.

Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner in high heels

We recently noted that gladiator shoes are becoming a trend. Kendall was one of the first celebrities to wear them a while back. This week she took them out for another spin. Lovely.

Kendall Jenner in gladiator boots

In Paris Kendall was also on the top of her game in the outfit and shoe departments. This outfit complete with leather leggings and suede open toed booties is amongst our favorites.

Kendall Jenner in ankle booties

Being so popular, Kendall gathers quite the attention when she is out. Here she is leaving a restaurant in Paris moments before getting swamped by fans to take selfies with her. Kendall’s outfit is again a great blend between casual and sexy.

Kendall Jenner in high heels

So there we have it. Our high heel celebrity of the week giving us five reasons why she is one of our favorites.

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