High heel celebrity of the week – Khloe Kardashian

Khloe Kardashian earned the high heel celebrity of the week mini award thanks to her brave choice of thigh high boots for a casual day out.

Most ladies opt for sensible shoes when they travel. But know Khloe Kardashian. She was spotted at JFK International Airport rocking a pair of very impressive thigh high boots. The 31-year-old reality television star rocked a ‘don’t mess’ vibe in killer over-the knee studded heels, and black leather biker jacket, the Daily Mail notes.

Khloe wore a lycra bodysuit, ripped jeans and a black leather jacket. Her outfit was finished by a pair of big aviator sunglasses. Her hair was loose and her makeup was discrete but eye-catching. She also rocked a nude colored leather handbag.

What was the most important part of her outfit though was the pair of boots. They were studded with lots of shiny rocks and even extra jewelry on the sides. Their heels were sky high and very thin, proving to be a challenge to walk, but Khloe handled them beautifully.

Now, we realize that the design of the boots might be too much. We too are not too sure about their look even though we love boots here on GlamorousHeels.com. But what we do like is the confidence Khloe obviously has to rock such daring boots for something as mundane as travelling. It shows that even casual days can be spiced up.

It also shows that you can rock even the most daring of boots everywhere as long as you can pair them with a suitable outfit. The design of the boots can then be the main focus point of your look. As long as you aim for that. Bottom line, Khloe Kardashian shows that it is OK to experiment even with the bravest and most daring outfits. And we completely agree with that.

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