High heel celebrity of the week – Kimberley Garner

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Kimberley Garner is the latest winner of our high heel celebrity of the week chart. She wins thanks to two great outfits and stunning boots and high heels.

She was spotted attending various fashion shows during the 2016 London Fashion Week. Kimberly was looking stunning and glamorous and rocked stylish boots and then high heels.

First the outfit and shoes that actually got her the high heel celebrity of the week win. Kimberley attended the PPQ fashion show rocking a turtle neck jumper with cut-out shoulders. She also was wearing a pair of over-the-knee high heeled boots. They had a lace-up portion at the back of the top the shaft.

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The boots featured wide heels to make them easier and more comfortable to walk. Kimberly also had a small leather purse with a chain shoulder strap. She wore her hair loose and had minimal makeup on, just some eyeliner.

Earlier that same day Kimberly also went to the Barrus & David Ferreira fashion shows in London. For them Kimberly had a very different outfit on, but also one that was very impressive.

The outfit featured a furry white top under which Kimberly had nothing else on. Really. She also wore a pair of fitted black leather pants. Completing her outfit was a pair of black suede booties with thin high heels.

Initially Kimberley had her hair in a pony tail, but then let it loose for a more sexy look. She had minimal makeup again. Overall two great looks for Kimberly in one single day!

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