High heel celebrity of the week – Kimberley Garner

Kimberley Garner is our new winner of the high heel celebrity of the week. She rocked the Lonon Eye’s Eyeskate Rink launch in a pair of hot booties.

The event is probably not the place where you would expect to see a lot of high heels since most of the time the guests will be wearing ice skates. But the love of high heels couldn’t simply be passed over by Kimberley.

She attended the event in a comfortable for skating outfit, which was also very well suiting her. Garner was rocking a pair of skin tight fitted jeans and a fitted top that was showing off her belly. She camed to the event with a long cream-colored blazer which she didn’t keep on for long.

The young celebrity was rocking a pair of leather high heeled booties with studs and buckles to make them even more rock and roll and provocative. The booties were with thin heels, not very high and seemed at a perfect comfortable for Kimberley height.

Kimberley looked very well and had her hair loose and the makeup to a minimal. She seemed to have a great time at the event and had some fun with friends.

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